WWE’s PG Rating Isn’t The Problem

So I’m currently editing episode 3 of RER that is the start of the Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk saga. This episode will feature their match at “The Bash” in 2009. As per most big WWE matches, there’s a promo package recapping and catching you up to speed before the match begins and something hit me.

I’ve always been one to argue that the PG rating for WWE is not what makes it far less interesting and what I thought about only supports that. The story leading up to this match at the Bash is that Jeff Hardy is terrible for doing drugs and CM Punk is perfect for not. This is 2009, only about a year after switching to PG so things were toned way down, but they somehow made a story in which a drug addict is the babyface and the guy who’s trying to get him to stop as the heel. They mentioned Hardy’s suspensions, etc. This was just a quick thing I was thinking and though I’d type it while give an update. The PG rating isn’t the problem, it’s the lack of effort being put into the product at the moment.

With that, Reality Era Review is currently escaping the current product as we’re heading back to 2009 to look back on the Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk saga that took place over the summer of that year. The first episode(episode 3) will most likely come out this Sunday afternoon.

Direct updates will be on my Twitter @RERPodcast


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